Contract Compliance Audit Opportunity  
Contingent Staffing and Time Hire  
Industry Knowledge  
orld-class organizations use contingent labor throughout their operations to  
maintain staffing flexibility, to deploy staff with key skills and expertise exactly  
where needed, and to control personnel costs and FTE metrics. Specialized  
staffing firms provide outsourced, end-to-end management of the complexand often  
legally challenging realm of sourcing and staffing while ensuring compliance with labor,  
privacy, and compensation laws in multiple countries.  
Operational Challenges  
Hiring managers need personnel with current  
experience and skills who can be effective from  
their first hour in a new assignment. Staffing firms  
work closely with and on behalf of in-house human  
resources and may even provide complete  
oversight of staffing processes. Operational issues  
are resolved when staffing firms deliver the right  
person, with the right skills, in a timely manner,  
but financial concerns and contract compliance  
issues typically remain.  
The Opportunity  
in3 has extensive experience and specific expertise  
in auditing firms that provide staffing solutions,  
which allows in3 to identify overcharges and  
duplicate billings that eluded approval processes  
and system controls.  
Every in3 audit of contingent labor begins with a  
review of 100 percent of available data, including  
invoice details, time cards, and payroll records. Audit teams apply proprietary techniques  
to validate billing and pay rates; multipliers and margins; shift and environmental  
differentials; pass-through and reimbursed expenses; and whether the hours charged and  
billed were reasonable, accurate, and actually worked on behalf of the client. in3 reviews  
the terms, conditions, and rates specified in all agreements and associated contracts to  
validate charges, identify off-contract pricing, and ensure compliance to all provisions.  
Contact Tom Bennett, chief operating officer at in3, to discuss deep-dive audit  
opportunities with your temporary labor providers. or +1 (303) 448-1191 x102  
in3corp is an independent audit firm with worldwide operations for recovering cash, preventing  
future excesses or shortfalls, and providing tested services such as supply chain and contract  
compliance auditing and royalty verification. in3corp identifies specific opportunities for cost  
recovery and increased controls and provides visibility into business operations and supplier  
relationships to help clients save money.  
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