Contract Compliance Audit Opportunity  
Information Technology Services Providers  
Industry Knowledge  
orld-class organizations rely on outsourced information technology providers to  
sustain the complex, expensive IT infrastructure that supports their business  
divisions; proprietary platforms; internal processes and controls; and customer  
service initiatives around the world. Your outsourced IT firms provide myriad services and  
supports: from system optimization to project management; from software implementation  
and maintenance to hardware leasing; and from in-house staffing to offshore consulting.  
in3 has extensive experience as an independent auditor of IT service providers and  
understands business relationships with IT suppliers. in3 can help ensure you receive the  
value you negotiated for in your contracts, master agreements, and statements of work.  
Operational Challenges  
IT professionals live with operational challenges  
every day: crisscrossing work orders, numerous  
resources, project teams, and billing formats. IT  
contracts, statements of work, and work orders  
are lengthy and complex, and at times the  
terms and conditions overlap. Pricing is dynamic  
and multi-faceted.  
These issues are part of the multi-dimensional  
nature of the relationship between you and your  
IT service providers.  
They create special  
challenges in managing supplier performance  
and contract administration.  
The Opportunity  
Every in3 audit of IT service providers begins  
with a review of 100 percent of the available  
transaction data from you and your supplier.  
in3 reviews the billing and payments against the  
terms and conditions of your agreements and identifies discrepancies in licensing, billable  
hours, rates, expenses, and pricing triggers. We bring you improved transparency that  
translates into improved contract management and supplier performance.  
Contact Tom Bennett, chief operating officer at in3, to discuss deep-dive audit  
opportunities with your outsourced IT service providers. or +1 (303) 448-1191 x102  
in3corp is an independent audit firm with worldwide operations for recovering cash, preventing future  
excesses or shortfalls, and providing tested services such as supply chain and contract compliance  
auditing and royalty verification. in3corp identifies specific opportunities for cost recovery and  
increased controls and provides visibility into business operations and supplier relationships to help  
clients save money.  
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