Industry Knowledge  
orld class organizations count on general counsel for strategic business and legal  
advice. To remain competitive, businesses must set appropriate expectations of their  
legal services provider and invest significant resource and trust in the law firms  
In3 understands client-attorney agreements and the nature of legal services. Its expertise in  
reviewing legal billing and payment data and its experience in recovering funds through rate  
reviews can help ensure clients dont overpay their  
legal fees.  
Operational Challenges  
Transactional visibility over  
legal services  
expenditures can be limited. Duplicate line items,  
such as numerous document revisions, various  
personnel in attendance (e.g., partner, associate,  
and paralegal), and multiple filings can be  
challenging to decipher. Variable charges for  
supervision, secretarial overtime, excessive file  
reviews and other billed time need confirmation  
against contracted terms and rates. Unapproved  
markups on expert testimony, filing fees, travel and  
other costs can bypass financial controls.  
The Opportunity  
in3 reviews 100 percent of billing and payment data  
to identify errors, deliver lost money and ensure  
contract compliance of legal services providers.  
Auditors pore over time-unit tracking records, receipts for ancillary billings, and meta-data from  
time and billing systems in3 brings its client duplicate-charge and erroneous-payment cases  
with discretion and supporting information. In cases or rate discrepancy, in3 applies industry  
standards, past service records, and reasonableness thresholds to determine issues worth  
further investigation.  
An in3 audit highlights best practices within the attorney-client billing interface and improves  
transactional visitbilty. It recommends cost controls that strengthen the relationship between  
client and legal services vendor.  
Contact Tom Bennett, in3’s chief operating officer, to discuss deep-dive audit  
opportunities with your legal services providers. or call +1 (303) 448-1191 x 102  
in3corp is an independent audit firm with worldwide operations for recovering cash, preventing future excesses or  
shortfalls, and providing tested services such as supply chain and contract compliance auditing and royalty  
verification. in3corp identifies specific opportunities for cost recovery and increased controls and provides visibility  
into business operations and supplier relationships to help clients save money.  
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